Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don't need a credit card to sign up with us. We believe in "See first, pay later". You only pay after seeing what we will be offering.

No, there is no Sign up or Cancellation fee for the services we offer.

"See first pay later" is a policy we use with our clients to help build trust and long term relationship with us. Before paying you'll be shown the whole plan A-Z so you know when and where your money will go. You'll pay when you'll greenlight the plan.

"Only pay for the service hours" is a policy of our company which helps small businesses across US to only pay for the service when they are actually using the service. For example, you have signed up for our copywriting services for a year. You will be only charged for the hours you have used the service. If you have not used the service for lets say a week, you won't be charged any hours for that week. For more info read our blog on it.